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Covid-19 Guidance

As at 25.3.2022 there are no Covid restrictions in place for club cricket - fingers crossed they will not return!

Welcome back to cricket at Baildon CC in 2021!


As we find ourselves entering new ground for the club and for all our members we can’t wait to get back to playing cricket again. However, we ask all our players, supporters, families and officials to recognise that this is not going to be a normal season and that we have a number of new procedures designed to keep everyone as safe as possible.


There are some main points we will summarise for you now regarding Jenny Lane;


  • Only players from the two teams are allowed to park on the two sides of the ground where car parking is possible on the outskirts of the pitch – home team players on the top side (by the changing rooms) and away team players on the bottom end of the ground. Spectators are asked to park either in the car park on the main road just to your right at the point where you enter the lane that approaches the ground or in the main car park in between the cricket and rugby pitch. We also ask that the spaces behind the changing rooms and by the entrance to the bar are left clear for home players and umpires use.

  • When arriving at the Jenny Lane ground please take a minute to sign into the ground by scanning the NHS QR code poster which will be located in the window of our changing rooms. If you do not have access to a smart phone to do this procedure, there will be an attendance register just inside the changing room door for you to complete with your details. 

  • The home team are asked to warm up on their side of the ground with the away team on their side. Please keep to these areas throughout the duration of the match.

  • The four sides of the ground have been specifically separated to provide a clear area for the home team (Side A), the away team (Side B), home supporters (Side C) and away supporters (Side D). We ask all visitors to the ground to adhere to this plan to help encourage social distancing. We would much rather everyone brings their own chair and takes it home with them, however if you would like to use our benches please feel free. Please do not alter the position of the stand alone benches, they have been spaced out for your safety. The fixed benches have been marked appropriately to assist social distancing.

  • There are four sanitising stations at the ground, one at the entrance to each toilet area and one placed at each player hub. These are available for your use if you have forgotten to bring your own.

  • There will be little to no shelter for spectators available at the ground – in the case of rain we ask all people at the ground to return to their vehicles to shelter – if that is not possible, any home players without a vehicle to shelter in, can use the upstairs back changing room, umpires in the upstairs front changing room, scorer’s in the bottom area of the bar and away players in the rugby stand and bottom equipment store. The bar is only providing drinks to be consumed outside – the inside space is used for queuing and nothing else.

  • Gent’s toilets are in the bottom of the changing rooms, one at a time access, enter to the left through the home changing room and exit via the away changing room in a one-way fashion. Ladies toilets are accessed by entering the front door of the clubhouse (where there is no access to the bar).

  • When the bar is open (it will not be open all the time) access is via the side steps facing the cricket pitch. Filter in through this door and then around the one way system, exiting via the patio doors at the bottom entrance. (detailed plans of the toilet access and bar access are contained in the main risk assessment).

  • If you purchase a drink at the bar, please scan the NHS QR poster on the entrance door to the bar or alternatively, enter your contact details of you and your party on the register located in the bar. This information will be collected for track and trace purposes and held for 21 days. 

  • No food will be served at the ground for the duration of this season.

  • If you have any questions with regards to the guidance above please refer them to our Covid-19 Co-ordinator Ash Free on 07415 709104 or James Butterfield on 07970 026316 . This has been a long drawn out, extremely tricky process and we are very much learning as we go along. We welcome your feedback at all times and will continue to do all we can to keep you safe.


Please note that we will shortly confirm our policies for cricket matches taking place at Sandals Primary School and Junior Cricket at Jenny Lane.

Below are our guides for senior matches at Jenny Lane, please ensure you read these carefully.

Jenny Lane Matchday Guide

Covid-19 Risk Assessment - Sandals School

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