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100 Club



2022 Winners so far


£35 - Jane Kay

£25 - A Turner


£35 - Sam Free

£25 - Gill Holmes


£250 - Gill Reed

£75 - Chris Wright

£50 - Josh Capper


£35 - Steve Birss

£25 - Steve Johnson


£35 - Dave Hodgson

£25 - Dave Abbott


£250 - Gill Holmes

£75 - Chris Hughes

£50 - Josh Capper


£35 - Chris Reynolds

£25 - Bob Reynolds


£35 - James Butterfield

£25 - Darren Barber


£250 - Geoff Kay

£75 - Josh Capper

£50 - Darren Wilson


£35 - David Abbott

£25 - Don Butterfield

What is the 100 Club?

Did you ever wish that there was a straight-forward way to put some money back into Baildon Cricket Club and help us continue to put out our 4 senior teams, 1 Sunday team and 5 junior sides? Wouldn't it be even better if this small investment gave you a chance to win cash prizes?

There is a way! Why not join our 100 Club and join the 64 other good people who are already signed up. Joining the 100 Club is simple. For £5 a month, per number (you can have as many numbers as you like!) you will then be entered into the monthly draw with prizes ranging from £25 to £250.

All the proceeds after the prize money has been paid out are pumped back into the club. In recent months we've managed to refurbish our training facilities, purchase new ground maintenance equipment for the second pitch at Sandals and we hope to refurbish the interior of our score box before the beginning of next season (we have just totally replaced the frontage of the score box as well). We would like to raise more money to renovate our outfield mower as well so every new number helps.

How it works

To explain it in more detail, once you have joined (by either setting up a monthly standing order or by paying £60 a year) you will then be allocated one of the spare numbers between 1 and 100. Then, every month a draw takes place with 2/3 numbers pulled out, all winning cash prizes. Best of all, there are no limits to the amount of times you can win in the year.

The prizes are paid out as follows;

March, June, September and December are all mega draws where three lucky number holders stand to win prizes of £250, £75 and £50. All other months have two prizes up for grabs; £35 and £25.

The small print

To join you would need to set up a standing order with your bank to the following account details:

Sort Code: 201181

Account Number: 10069701

Once you have set up the monthly standing order of £5 per number or annually for £60 per number you would need to contact 100 Club Coordinator Ashley Free by email at who will then allocate you a number/s.

This is a great way of supporting the club without breaking the bank!

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