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Use of the ground to train

The committee will be meeting on Monday 18th May to discuss the potential of Jenny Lane being available for those who want to net.

Until we communicate further we ask that nobody uses the ground for any form of training.

The ECB guidance suggests the following for clubs:

  • Properly maintained facilities.

  • A booking system for outdoor space or other means to manage access and demand.

  • The capability to advise individuals when booking to check for symptoms of COVID-19 and in turn to advise individuals when booking that - in line with current Government guidance - if they are symptomatic, living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or if they are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds, they should remain at home and follow Government guidance.

  • A sanitation procedure between use/booking.

  • A representative of the club on site during the hours that the outdoor facilities are open for use.

  • Closed signs should be displayed when facilities are not open (including where a club does not wish to or is not ready to reopen) to deter use by general public particularly where there is open access.

  • Updated signage and access points.

At this moment in time we don't have these provisions in place so the facilities should not be used for training until some/all of the above criteria are met.

Thanks for your ongoing patience.

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