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The Cricket Season begins . . .

Good evening and welcome to the first weekly edition of Baildon Cricket Club's pre-match notes. This week sees our first team welcome Carlton to Jenny Lane and our twos make the opposite journey to play Carlton on their home patch. The threes and fours make their debut next weekend.

In what's a very different looking first team from last year, we've sourced players both internally and externally, of which there's a real plethora of talent and potential. It's now up to skipper Dwayne Heke and his vice, Kevin Mcdermott to try and get the best out of what is a youthful and slightly in-experienced side.

There are of course some senior heads mixed in to help and nurture the youth, such as first team stalwart Jonny Reynolds, who is still knocking out the runs for fun and James Ford, one of the best best glovemen and attacking opening batsmen in the league. I'm sure the players trying to find their way in Bradford League first team cricket can soak up some of their knowledge and experience.

Then there's the second team, who've got a larger squad size than Leeds after Bielsa burnout kicks in. Darren Wilson has worked with and nurtured a crop of junior talent over 3 strong years and it's now beginning to pay dividends with several younger players taking prominent roles in his side. As someone who's come through the Don's system led by Alex Shaw and Dom Kelly and now helps to coach the younger players himself, this is something I'm incredibly proud to see.

Of course, the second team also contains the seasoned pros who have been around the block a few times.... The likes of Darren, Ross Todd (Toss Rodd) and Brett provide a wealth of skill and knowledge of what it takes to be in the hunt for silverware in the twos (hopefully!). Rumour has it that Jamie Abbott might even play a game this year!

I wish both teams the very best of luck this weekend and I hope to see you up at Jenny Lane for a beer afterwards.

Until next time,


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