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Message for all players - junior and senior

After the Dales Council teams kicked things off last week, Bradford League Cricket and Junior League cricket is just about to return. After playing last week in the third team and again last night in a second team friendly at Buttershaw St Paul’s, I thought it would be useful to set out some basic guidance for all our players. Please send/share this with all our players and parents and make sure they all read it.

  • Protecting yourself is your responsibility first and foremost, clubs will take a number of different actions and no doubt some will take the threat more seriously than others.

  • You must text Ashley Free (07415 709104) (Juniors – this should be your respective team organiser) on the night before the game to advise you are fit, healthy and showing no obvious signs of a Coronavirus infection.

  • You should take your own hand sanitiser to every match, take it out onto the field with you and keep it in your pocket ready for the sanitising breaks – these take place every six overs or 20 minutes.

  • If you want food, take your own. No teas/food will be provided. At some clubs their bar will be open, others may not be. Take everything you need for the game with you.

  • Arrive at the ground ready to play. Take your own chair and if the weather isn’t great, a warm coat and an umbrella – your car is your own individual changing/storage area. Changing rooms should not be open.

  • Sharing kit is not advised, if this has to take place use the disposable wipes provided to thoroughly clean the respective items before and after.

  • You cannot give any of your belongings to the umpire, if you need to remove a hat, jumper etc, you must put these on the boundary edge.

  • After each ball has been completed, the matchball must be passed back to the bowler directly. It should not be passed around the field. After bowling the bowler should wait for the ball before returning to prep for the next delivery.

  • Only the umpires are allowed to touch the stumps and bails – leave it to them during the match.

  • Running lines should be marked on the side of the pitch for batters to use as a guide for where they should line themselves up for running between the wickets – this is to keep you a safe distance from the umpires.

  • If you want to have a drink you must leave your own container on the boundary edge, no drinks will be provided at the drinks break.

  • The captain must also sanitise the matchball every six overs, he will be responsible for the ball at the fall of wickets. It is not to be given to the umpire.

  • No saliva or sweat is to be applied to the match ball.

  • Keep your distance. 2ms if possible, the wicket keeper is allowed to stand up to the stumps. High fives, hugging, glove tapping, hand shaking are all banned.

  • Don’t crowd around the scoring area. Keep 2ms away from the scorers.

  • Captains should have match balls and teams sheets ready to show the umpires – but they will not take them. Keep the spare ball with your drinks bottle on the boundary edge.

  • Spectators must not touch the match ball – if they do it will need to be sanitised before play can continue.

  • You are asked to sanitise your bat with a disposable wipe before and after your innings.

  • Changing rooms are to remain closed. You can go to the toilet if you want privacy for padding up.

  • For home games we will provide a gazebo as shelter for those who cannot sit in their car in the event of rain.

  • For those playing at Jenny Lane, please see above for a map showing where the home team players should park and sit. Please keep to these areas and leave the other parts of the ground to others as shown.

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