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Last chance to donate towards our new roller appeal!

We are tantalisingly close to reaching the £1000 mark to support the club buying a new roller for the Sandals Ground. Many, many thanks to the 36 supporters who have donated so far. The fund raising ends this week, so please circulate to friends and family, and if you keep meaning to donate – do it now! Even £5 helps to make a massive difference:

We’ve already seen the benefits of having a roller at the ground, with 900+ runs scored in the opening two fixtures. However, last weekend there was evidence of the benefits of a different sort – despite the torrential and persistent rain through May, the 4th team still managed to get a game on the uncovered square.

Those cynics who think Dan Metcalfe’s 8 for 8 was down to a dodgy pitch are wrong – several wickets were bowled with the ball clipping the top of off stump – beaten in the air not by the pitch.

And, crucially, one of our up-and-coming junior batsmen, Sam Holmes, saw us home. This is the key benefit for the entire club – our junior players getting a good and safe cricket experience and education because of a heavy roller at Sandals.

To make the ambition of a new roller more tangible, the great news is that last week we agreed to buy a reconditioned heavy roller! A roller that was used at Wimbledon that is being repaired and restored by Swillington Rollers – a Leeds-based outfit who are prioritising delivery of this roller to our club – hopefully in time for the derby against Tong Park Esholt on June 5th.

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