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Baildon Fantasy Cricket 2023

Just one week to go until the season starts!!

In between oiling your bat and finding your boots, do spend 20 minute entering a team into the

Baildon 2023 Fantasy Cricket League. Your man to beat is Lucas Shaw.

Details below. Which of our new first team stars Charlie, Rehman, Jamin and Mehbran will make it into your team? Who’s going to rack up the most second team wickets – Haris, Sam, Harry, Josh, Jamie, Danny or Si? Which of our stellar array of juniors will blast through into 2nd/3rd/4th team glory?

The choice is yours, but make it quick. Teams to asap!

Also, non-playing club members and friends – please do put in a team too, and show you know your Baildon players better than those on the pitch…

Cheers all, and whoever wins or does well – here’s to a fantastic season for all our senior and juniorteams – winning games, supporting each other, playing in good spirit.


 Your budget is £50m.

 Pick 11 players, minimum 2 from each team, maximum 3 from each team

 Each players price is listed below and is based on their points in the 2022 season

 Players score 1 point per run, 20 per wicket, 10 per catch/stumping

 Players are placed in the team they scored most points for last season, it's not an indication of where they might be playing this season

 Only senior team league matches count

 New players to the club are priced at £8m. Stefan's price is halved as he's injured early doors

 Send your team(s) and team name to by APRIL 14th, change it as much as you like before that date, no changes after.

 Entry fee £10 per team, please pay into Baildon CC account: 40109576, sort code 20-11-81

 Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and best team name

 Any mistakes or players missed, let me know!

Teams list (all details also at

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