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Baildon Fantasy Cricket 2022 – the results are in…

Last year’s first Baildon Cricket Fantasy League raised £100+ for the club, hurray! So let’s do it again this year eh.

The unstoppable Royal Shipley Super Titans led from game one and never looked back. But Simon forfeits first prize, as his other team Heggers can’t be Choosers came flat bottom. First prize is recycled back into new plans for a 10 storey £20m Belmont Media Centre. Or a water butt.

Cash prizes instead go to Lucas Shaw in 2nd place (£40) and Barbs (£10) in 3rd .

Reyno gets the prize for best team name prize, with Kiss my Chaminda Vaas. Free entry this year


The Super Titans won, of course, by being stuffed full of 3rd and ex-3rd teamers. With maybe a little bit of bolstering by the season's two stand-out players: Kev McDermott (1702 pts) and James Ford (1288). The other players to top 1000 were Stefan, Dwayne and Harry. The Battle Royale between Deano and Louis was narrowly won by Deano, 389 to 312. My money is on LT this year. Might reduce the points for a stumping just to make sure…

The best value picks were Sam Miller and Zeeshan Ahmed – anyone picking them up for £1m got

600+ points out of both of them. Tawseef was also excellent value.

New auction prices will be coming out this month, with a prize fund to rival the Women’s IPL. So, get to the nets Tuesdays, if only to see who’s going to be a bargain this season…

Now, three lots of stats to finish. First, where your team finished:

Second, here are the three top teams. They make Mumbai Indians look like Prov.

And finally, here’s your last season form guide….

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