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Baildon CC 2021 Senior Awards

For those of you who couldn't make our awards night in October, here is a summary of who won what...

Senior Club Person of the Year - The Walter Busfield Trophy

This year the prize was shared between two very deserving club members; Andy Norton and Dave Hodgson. Not only do they captain the fourth and third team respectively, but they have also taken on the challenge of restoring our 2nd ground at Sandal Primary School (Belmont!).

From the beginning of this journey they were beset by many problems; among them lack of machinery, lack of water and issues in accessing the ground. They also had the issue of legacy to deal with, through the hardwork of Don Butterfield and Bernard Greaves, the Belmont pitch was always regarded as the best surface in the league.

Slowly and surely Andy and Dave have worked tirelessly to re-generate both the pitch and changing rooms. When they became tired of fighting with aged machinery they began a campaign to raise funds to purchase a new roller. They've secured grant money to install a water capture tank and pump to ensure that next season we will be able to consistently water the wicket for the first time in our history.

On the pitch Andy and Dave in their roles as team captains have fought tooth and nail to drag their teams through the Covid pandemic, ensuring that 11 players turn up to every game and that no fixture had to be conceded.

Junior Club Person of the Year

Sam Holmes was the unanimous choice for this award. His contribution on and off the field this year has been tremendous. His unfussy, dedicated approach is to be applauded; if there is a job to do he will crack on and get it done, whatever it takes. Be it helping with the setting up of the beer festival, arriving first and leaving last for most home games or assisting with the running of the Allstars sessions. Sam is the latest member of the Abbott/Holmes dynasty to take the field at Jenny Lane, hopefully he won't be the last!

Leading Senior Run Scorer

5. Chris Reynolds 602 runs @ 28.7

4. George Barker 614 runs @ 36.1

3. Dave Hodgson 621 runs @ 38.8

2. Jonny Reynolds 625 runs @ 32.9

1. Dwayne Heke 699 runs @ 33.3

Leading Senior Wicket-taker

5. Dwayne Heke 32 wickets @ 18

4. Paul Hannam 33 wickets @ 12.6

3. Simon Bailey 35 wickets @ 23.7

2. Ben Grimmitt 38 wickets @ 16.5

1. Dan Metcalfe 40 wickets @ 11.18

Most outfield catches

Simon McDermott

14 catches

Most Improved Batter

Sam Woledge-Wilkinson

316 runs @ 26.3

Top score of 80*, strike rate of 89.1

Most Improved Bowler

Ben Grimmitt

38 wickets @ 16.5

Best bowling 6 for 42

Strike rate of a wicket every 24.2 balls

Most Improved Fielder

Louis Turner

Sunday XI - Captain's MVP Award

Owen Pickles

4th XI - Batting, Bowling and Fielding winners

Batting - Jamie Denison 251 runs @ 51

Bowling - Tim Joy 24 wickets @ 9.4

Fielding - Will Baker

3rd XI - Batting, Bowling and Fielding Winners

Batting - Dave Hodgson 619 runs @ 41.3

Bowling - Paul Hannam 33 wickets @ 11.9

Fielding - Simon Bullock

2nd XI - Batting, Bowling and Fielding Winners

Batting - George Barker 614 runs @ 36.1

Bowling - Stefan Mather 32 Wickets @ 16.3

Fielding - Chris Reynolds

1st XI - Batting, Bowling and Fielding Winners

Batting - Dwayne Heke 699 runs @ 33.3

Bowling - Dwayne Heke 32 wickets @ 18

Fielding - Jonny Reynolds

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