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Matchday Notes - Saturday 15th May 2021

Dave Hodgson, captain of the unbeaten third team takes a look at the weekend's action including aiming on keeping the unbeaten thirds unbeaten.

After the well forecast washout last Saturday, this weekend is harder to call – both the weather and the results. Let’s start at the top, and without any bias, with the 3rd and 4th teams.

There have only been two games at the Sandals ground (or Belmont Superdome) – but 870 runs have been scored in 146 overs (6 an over for over for those without Rachel Riley’s talents…). What a difference a (hire) roller makes, and these scores are also testament to Andy Norton’s care and attention in ironing out the blemishes, and toning down the unsightly lumps and bumps (no, we’ve moved on from Rachel Riley).

Our crowdfunding for a new heavy roller is coming to an end soon. This has been a great success. But, this is a final plea for everyone associated with Baildon Cricket Club to consider donating – top quality strips (stop it) at Sandals helps the development and growth of all players at Baildon CC.

Right, to the cricket. The recent wet weather will make conditions at the Superdome more challenging for batsmen. The 4ths have a testing game against the St Chads 5th team. No doubt our Chair, Ashley Sehwag, will get things off to a flyer, or off to fly slip at least.

The unbeaten 3rd team, who are unbeaten this season, will try to maintain their unbeaten run when they take on unbeaten Thornbury. The unbeaten third team secured their continued unbeaten status in an unprecedented (at least in living memory) win in the Pool Paper Mills Cup against Division A Woodhouse at their ‘quirky’ Meanwood ground. Our quarter final is at home vs. Drighlington, who are unbeaten, on June 6th (tickets on sale next week). The unbeaten start by the unbeaten third team means new considerations in eligibility for upcoming cup games – but that’s a discussion for next week.

Did I mention the unbeaten-ness of the third team? It’s great news for the club, because genuinely in every game, every player has contributed, and there are only a few old duffer has-beens, like Long John Hunt, in our unbeaten team. We intend to remain unbeaten in our top of the table clash with unbeaten Thornbury.

In other games this weekend, the 2nd team take on winless (i.e., opposite to unbeaten) Methley 2s (that’s a very Breaking Bad name – a Breaking Bad also sums up Deano’s driving – good luck with third man duties), and are aided by the return of Brett Kinsey. This puts them in a strong position for a win, and a position near the top of the division.

The 1s are in action at Jenny Lane vs. Hartshead Moor. Who knows – Hartshead Moor have lost to the top two teams, and beaten the bottom team. Whatever, there will need to been more support than JR had last week.

Speaking of support – the return of significant numbers of every team to the club on a Saturday, whatever the result – has been a key feature of the season. It’s a reflection of a great atmosphere at the club that we must try and keep going – in fact, it’s unbeatable.

Dave Hodgson, unbeaten 3rd team captain.

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