Annual Subscriptions and Match Fees - URGENT

Due to Covid-19 we will not be accepting any cash payments for either Annual Subscriptions or Match Fees. We therefore ask all players who haven't already done so to complete their bank details so we can take payments. This can be done by visiting and needs to be completed urgently by those who will be playing senior cricket this year.

Annual Subscriptions

We will only be charging half for 2020 and those that had set up a Direct Debit will have this set up again until the year has been paid and then not pay again until January 2021. For those that haven't yet paid will pay £6 a month on an ongoing basis (or £30 as a one off payment). This only applies for senior players, if you are a junior parent and haven't yet paid your subscription please refer to a junior representative.

Match Fees

We will be collecting these weekly on the Thursday before the match and will do this until the season ends. In the event of double weekends an extra payment for each Sunday match will be collected weekly after the season ends until you are paid up in full. In the event of an overpayment this will be reimbursed at the conclusion of the season. This does mean that you may end up paying a match fee for a match you don't play however to keep it as simple as possible this is the best solution and your overpayment will get reimbursed.

Senior match fees - £5

Junior match fees - £3

Setting up a Direct Debit to pay isn't optional and we won't allow anyone to pay by Bank Transfer/Cash as this will make the process complicated for the captains who will already be undertaking more tasks than usual.

Once set up or if you have already got one with us then you will receive an email with a payment schedule (this will be asap for annual subscriptions and a week before the first match for match fees). Once the season finishes please don't cancel your Direct Debit, we will do this for you.

Anyone not setting up a Direct Debit will NOT be considered for selection and there will be no exceptions.

As you can appreciate in order to focus on sticking to the rules around safety we ask that you help the club by following these instructions around payments.

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