Results - Saturday 8th July

First Team vs Bowling Old Lane (home)

Bowling Old Lane 100 All Out. Ijaz Ahmed 4-20, Mushtaq Ahmed 4-27

Baildon 102-6. Simon Bailey 44

Baildon won by 4 wickets


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Second Team vs Hopton Mills (away)

Hopton Mills 85 All Out. Daniel Metcalfe 6-14

Baildon 86-1. George Barker 51*

Baildon won by 9 wickets


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Third Team vs Leeds Sikh B (away)

Baildon 111 All Out. John Lovitt 39

Leeds Sikh B 112-9. Simon Bullock 5-40

Leeds Sikh B won by 1 wicket


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Fourth Team vs Shipley Providence (home)

Shipley Providence 127 All Out. Dominic Kelly 5-26, Tom Dixon 3-22

Baildon 131-8. Scott Johnson 69

Baildon won by 2 wickets


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